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How to build behavioural insights skills in your team

1 March 2021NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

We partnered with Revenue NSW to set up their Behavioural Insights Champions Network. This involves staff from across their organisation receiving behavioural insights training, and then applying these skills to their day-to-day work. This initiative is helping Revenue NSW to become a 'behaviourally smart' organisation, and improve outcomes for their customers.

How to encourage young people to wear face masks

25 January 2021NSW Department of Premier & Cabinet

We increased the likelihood for young people to voluntarily wear a mask, using an animation campaign on social media that appealed to ego and a positive self-image. Face masks recently became mandated in New South Wales in public venues that are indoors. However, the NSW Government also encourages (but does not mandate) mask use in other settings, where physical distancing may not be possible. Our findings can be used to promote mask-use in these cases, where face masks are still optional.

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