Important note

Events, gatherings, venues and public spaces in NSW all continue to be affected by COVID-19. We encourage event organisers to stay informed on current rules and guidelines related to gatherings, behaviour and public places. Please visit regularly for further details and for general information, news and updates related to COVID-19 in NSW.
(Published 13 May 2020)


If your event will raise money for charitable purposes, you will need to apply for an authority to fundraise through NSW Fair Trading.

Fundraising can include:

  • requesting donations
  • requesting sponsorship
  • running lotteries and competitions
  • supplying food or other goods and services, including to a school fete.

If NSW Fair Trading authorises your organisation/event for fundraising, you will be required to:

  • provide adequate information to the public about the purpose of the fundraising venture
  • ensure children who collect money are supervised
  • bank all money raised through fundraising
  • keep records and auditing accounts.

This is not a complete list of conditions and they may vary depending upon your event.