Important note

Events, gatherings, venues and public spaces in NSW all continue to be affected by COVID-19. We encourage event organisers to stay informed on current rules and guidelines related to gatherings, behaviour and public places. Please visit regularly for further details and for general information, news and updates related to COVID-19 in NSW.
(Published 13 May 2020)

In the lead-up and on the day

One way to ensure your staff and volunteers are fully informed about key aspects of your event is to collate important information into one event manual. This is particularly useful for large events.

Several days before the event, you should hold a meeting or briefing where you:

  • distribute the event manual
  • go through the manual with staff, security and volunteers and ensure they are clear about the role they will perform on the day, emergency procedures, the chain of command and control, the plans they will be implementing and the event’s communication protocols
  • allow time for questions
  • direct staff and volunteers to familiarise themselves with the manual’s contents, so that they can be as clear as possible about what will happen on the day.

To ensure your event runs smoothly, make sure you can access important information and documentation on the day of your event, including: